Centre for Smart Natural Capital

"Tackling the climate and biodiversity crises with transformative farming and technological innovations"

The new Centre for Smart Natural Capital is based within the Climate Innovation Hub at Glensaugh and is being developed in collaboration with CENSIS, Scotland's Innovation Centre for sensing, imaging and Internet of Things (IoT).

The Centre will provide a unique platform tailored to the development of smart sensing, monitoring and advanced computing and analytics needed to inform future land management decisions and support the growing field of natural capital.

The Centre will deploy a growing variety of both mainstream and emerging intelligent wireless communications technologies to support estate-wide remote sensor deployments.  This will enable trials of the latest in sensor and monitoring technologies and the development of data integration, analysis and modelling platforms.

Glensaugh provides an operationally challenging location to ensure these new technologies work and are validated, as well as opportunities to develop novel simulation tools for complex environments, such as digital twins.

Glensaugh has a significant collection of historical baseline data and scientific observation spanning many decades. It is also a national monitoring centre for the Environmental Change Network (ECN), Cosmic-ray Soil Moisture Observing System UK (COSMOS-UK), and the Defra Acid deposition (UKEAP) network. It is also an Ecological Continuity Trust LTE/LTM Hub and a BIOSCAN-UK project site.

The James Hutton Institute has extensive experience in the creation and deployment of sensors in the environment and in data validation, analysis, benchmarking, visualisation and modelling.

If you are interested in developing or testing the next generation of environmental sensors in a real-world environment, and would like to access the expertise of the James Hutton Institute, please contact us.